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PFC'S Top 6 NASM Tips

NASM 1/6 - Knowledge

Knowledge is key.
Don't be caught not knowing what clients ask. Have information ready at the tip of your fingers.

NASM 2/6 - No Shortcuts

Straight to the point.
Equip yourself with the NASM CPT Certification and set yourself on the path of great success.

NASM 3/6 - Education

The most important asset.
Equip yourself with education that no one can take away from you.

NASM 4/6 - No More Guesswork

Science = Facts.
NASM CPT is focused on developing fitness programmes based on the latest scientific research

NASM 5/6 - Progression

The only way is up.
Teach your clients the right techniques and knowledge. They progress, you progress.

NASM 6/6 - Build your Goals

Your career comes first.
When it comes to your career and clients, don't settle for less than the best.