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Corrective exercise specialist


You’ve equipped yourself with results proven principles through NASM CPT.
Go beyond the basics with NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Maximise your ability in helping clients and athletes from all walks of life. With NASM CES, you will unlock the knowledge and ability to reduce
movement deficiencies and muscle imbalances to ultimately produce injury-free individuals.

Take your knowledge of being able to design personalised programs even further by being able to identify muscle dysfunctions and implement
proper corrective exercise solutions.


• With CES, you will learn how to deal with people with pain which is basically… Everyone
• Scientifically proven principles to help train clients experiencing musculoskeletal impairments throughout the body
• Earn more with NASM CES – 2014 NASM-CPT Survey shows that NASM Certified Personal Trainers with the NASM CES certification earn 48% more than other Certified Personal Trainers!


The Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx)

NASM is all about implementing time-tested, scientifically-sound, and result-proven methods and principles.
So why should NASM CES be any different?

With the Corrective Exercise Continuum, eliminate the guesswork and pseudoscience and empower you and your clients with proven principles.


NASM CES Live Course

RM3990 only


2 days Live Practical Workshop

NASM CES Textbook

NASM CES Online Exercise Library with over 200 exercise demonstrations

Online Lectures

iPod videos with narrated animated presentations

Interactive quizzes & case studies

3 attempts at the NASM CES Final Examination (Within 1 year duration)

International recognition upon completion of the final examination


NASM CES Programme Objectives

Provide rationale for corrective exercise

Facilitate movement assessments

Identify muscle imbalances using movement assessments

Apply NASM’s four-step corrective exercise process

Design corrective exercise strategies to improve movement impairments